our history

Established in 2000 as a franchisee of the nationwide company 1-800-PAINT-JOB, we quickly learned that the customer base we were trying to market was not as interested in spending money with a nationwide contractor. In 2006 we became Masters Painting Inc. a locally owned and operated company. When the economy began to unravell and the local housing market came crashing down in 2008 we maintained our strong work ethic and weathered the storm to come out on top of our industry locally. 

In the spring of 2012 we branched off into the flooring industry, when realizing that 50% of our painting customers were getting new carpet or hardwood flooring after the painting was complete, it was a no brainer that we needed to be in this market as well and shortly after we became Master's Painting & Carpet Inc.  

Because we live in, and do business in the neighboring communities just like you do, we know and take pride in making sure our money and investments are spent locally, whether it's using a locally owned florist, pizzeria or your local contractor and NOT a nationwide franchise, you can feel better about doing your part to revitalize this great area of ours while improving your home at the same time.


Remember we are  “Your Home Town Painters”



 Don J. Prater

President and neighbor
Masters Professional Painting and Carpet Inc.

our Promise

With Masters Professional Painting and Carpet Inc, you not only get a professional painter, but you get an honest experienced friend in the painting business. We work closely with interior designers and general contractors, ensuring the best possible results for you. Our experienced painters guarantee clean, prompt service.

Don’t trust your painting needs to anyone with a brush. Masters Painting and Carpet Inc. is licensed and Insured. We offer a wealth of experience and expertise, at the same prices as inexperienced painters.

As a family owned and operated business, customer service is our number one priority. We at Master's Painting Inc. meet or exceed the highest industry-standards. We work with you to give each individual client a fast, reliable and the highest quality painting experience.

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